Ashro Connection Mentoring Program

ASHRO Connection
Sponsored by OSTA Outreach Ministry

Ashro Connection is a teen mentoring program created with the purpose of instilling positive values, building noble character, and influencing first-class integrity into the lives of young ladies.
Ashro, pronounced “ash-ro”, is defined as “a positive state of mind”.  Our vision is to provide positive role models, leadership seminars, and life and character enhancing activities, in an effort to promote positive self-esteem, leadership, etiquette, respect, and personal growth.
Mentoring Program
The mentoring program will focus on, but will certainly not be limited to, the following areas of personal growth:
» One-on-One Mentoring » Self-Esteem Building
» Etiquette Training » Personal Grooming
» Tutoring » Career Guidance
» College Prep / Guidance » Leadership Development
» Scholarships (Long-Term Goal) » Big Sister Program
Participants and their parents will be required to sign a Participation Pledge, agreeing to adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Participant must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.
    If a participant does not initially meet the GPA requirement, she will be given a full semester, with tutoring support, to reach the requirement as we believe everyone deserves a chance and wish to assist all young ladies in excelling academically.

  • No disciplinary issues at home, school or with the police.
    Participants are expected to exude positive, lady-like behavior and characteristics at all times.

  • Commitment and Attendance
    Participation in this program requires a commitment on the part of the mentors and volunteers as well as the participants.  Attendance at required sessions, practices and events is mandatory – excessive absences and/or tardiness is discouraged and will not be accepted.

  • Fundraising
    Participants will be responsible for participating in fundraising activities in an effort to assist in supporting OSTA and Ashro in maintaining its mission and vision of supporting our young women and little sisters.

  • Dismissal from the Program
    The program coordinator can dismiss participants from the program at anytime, should their behavior fall outside the set guidelines.
Mentors and committee volunteers will also be required to sign a Participation Pledge, agreeing to uphold the mission and integrity of OSTA, exude positive, lady-like characteristics and commit to fostering positive growth in the lives of Ashro Connection participants.
Fashion Team/Annual Fashion Show
As part of the mentoring program, the young ladies will participate in an annual fashion show to raise money for OSTA and Ashro Connection activities.  This show will highlight the achievements and success stories of the participants and can also serve as a graduation celebration in honor of graduating participants.  Additionally, select participants may be invited to travel with the fashion team to participate in outside events.

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